Hi Sally,
I just wanted contact you when I saw your website. I was delighted to see you are expanding your artwork, because that is truly what it is. I bought a pair of boots from you back in 1997.

As far as I know, you have only made two pair of them. One you made for I think you said your son’s friend that was on his way to Washington State and happened to stop at the gas station I was working at and he was wearing a pair of your boots. I had to have a pair when I saw them. They are absolutely gorgeous and I still have them and wouldn’t part with them for anything. I love them and they are so very warm and comfortable.

I wear them only occasionally, because I don’t want to wear them out. My boots have the fringe all the way around the top and when I got them I wet the fringe and twisted them, so it made a spiral effect, because I have a jacket that has that same long twisted fringe and I wanted them to match. I always get complements no matter where I go, so I just had to say thank you again for the truly beautiful boots. THANK YOU.

Rebecca King
Grants Pass,Oregon

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Dear Sally and family,
I wanted to write you a message to tell you how much I admire your amazing art for feet. They are quite some of the most incredible and beautiful pieces of footwear I have ever seen.

I first discovered your site a little under two years ago and have coveted your footwear ever since, popping back from time to time to admire them from afar. I have, from the first moment I saw them, sworn to myself that I will eventually own a pair of your unique slippers.

I am an artist myself, though of a different species to yourself, the sonic arts is my field. Unfortunately, as with many things that do not revolve around the business of making money, my chosen path seems to be of very little value to the modern world. Because of this, & although your fine pieces are justifiably & very reasonably priced for the amount of work that obviously goes into them, I have, until now, been unable to afford to become the custodian of any of your artwork.

Therefore, since I found your site, I have been putting a little money aside & now I am finally able to afford to purchase some of your Nudibranchs...

...Very kind regards from your footwear fan,
Tym Taylor.

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Hi Sally,
I just thought I would send you a short e/m to thank you again for the truly great way that you have treated me and my friend over in Alabama on letting us purchase the great BlackDogRise moccasins from you.

I don't know if anyone else has ever written to let you know how much your products are appreciated or not. But I wanted to do that and to send along a pic to you showing us wearing the great moccasins that you have created.

Feel free to use the pics in any way that you wish as you have both of our full approvals. I know that sometimes craft-people like to have pics from satisfied customers to show and a satisfied customer is always a welcome thing.

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We have had an unbelievably snowy winter...mounds and mounds of white stuff...Just want you to know that I am adoring my short brown Black Dog Rise boots....others may rave about their Uggs -- but my BDR boots have them beat by a mile. I love them...just wanted you to know.
Warm...don't I wish...regards

I got my boots today,and am thrilled.I love them,and as warm as it is today, I kept them on for hours.
Thank you so much for these very special boots.

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I am the same customer from Chicago who has 7 pair of your slippers and love them all. I moved to Europe for a time and now live in Florida. I was amazed at your web site and glad to see how big you appear to have grown. The last time I ordered from you was directly on your home phone. I just looked in my phone book and still have your home number. You made some beautiful slippers for me, including the special ones with the pictures of my dogs on them. One thing I noticed on your web site is a 10% rebate. How does that work or can you just give me 10% off the purchase price. Thanks in advance and I'm sure you'll hear from me again. I can't tell you enough how I love your slippers.
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Hi Sally Received Muklus today, my huspand is very very pleased with them and will not take them off. Many Many Thanks

Hi Sally,
Just to let you know that the mukluks arrived in Wales on the 18th - just in time for the snow! I am absolutley thrilled to bits with them and to say that they kept my feet very warm when I wore them on Saturday is an understatement. Thank you for sending me such a wonderful and unique pair of boots. Keep up the good work!
Best wishes

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Dear Sally,
Thanks again for my perfect mukluks. I couldn't ask for a better winter boot to keep me warm during this year's blistery NYC winter. I love them and receive many compliments on how great they look.
As promised, I'm sending you a picture of me posing in my boots.
Much love, Nina
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Dear Sally
Today I picked up my Boots from the post office. I was so nervos how they look like. The moment I opend the paket was so great. You and your family did a beautifull job.
All I can do is to thank you and wish all the best for you and your creativ friends.
Best regards from your proud BLACKDOGRISE-BOOTS owner
Tanja from Germany
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Hi Sally,
The boots are just fantastic…….
Do you have a distributor in the UK?
If not, I would like to be.
Let me know if you are interested.
Thanks again for all your efforts; my wife is going to love them!
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They are more fabulous than I could have imagined...I LOVE THEM !!!!! Thank you so much.
Happy Holidays Sincerely,
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